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    Does WTP take the width of the saw blade when calculating board lenths?

    When I use WTP it tells me the Economy Board Length and Grain Match Board Length. When the software is telling me those lengths, does it take the width of the saw blade into account? If I have a segment that has 2-1/8" Segment Edge Length and I'm using a 1/8" thick blade, then I'm actually...
  2. Scrapwood Chalice 2

    Scrapwood Chalice 2

    Chalice with the lid on. The thing stands about 15 inches high. I wanted a longer finial at the top and I has some Ambrosia Maple to do it, but decided to stay true to the scrap box and just use wood from it.
  3. Scrapwood Chalice 1

    Scrapwood Chalice 1

    A friend was dumping some exotic wood scraps. I got the box and said I would try to make something nice from them. He said he didn't know what one could make from such small pieces of wood. He has been trying to buy it from me since.
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    Adding & removing rings in Woodturner Pro changes other rings in the vessel ???

    Not sure if I'm doing something wrong with the software or is it in the OS or ? ? ? Once I have a pattern set into a bowl or vessel design, if I add or remove rings under that design (between the design & the base of the vessel) it changes the rings containing the pattern. It appears to...