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    Negative Segments?

    I created a closed segmented project and the summary is showing a negative number of segments. Instead of showing the 12 segments expected, it shows 16 segments of one wood variety and -4 segments of another. See attached photo. I did change the number of segments in a row after I started...
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    Segment Pro Outer Diameter Math Error?

    I finished some rings that I designed in Segment Pro and the diameter didn't match what the Summary report said. I checked everything and when I did the math manually I found that the outer diameter didn't match what SP said. I have attached the spreadsheet I created to analyze the difference...
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    Understanding 'First Cut' in Lamination Pro

    I have designed a bowl in Segment Pro with a Feature Ring. I designed the Feature Ring in Lamination Pro, but 'First Cut' doesn't work the way I understand the term. The Segment Edge Length I need is 2 3/16" (aka 2.385"). So if I used one-half of that for the 'First Cut' in Lamination Pro, and a...
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    Ring view does not match the bowl plan

    I created a plan for a Tornado style bowl. When I did the Ring view it was not at all like the plan.
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    Making segmented bottom instead of disk?

    Is there a way in Segment Pro to make the bottom segmented, rather than a solid disk?
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    Width of bottom rows seems excessive

    I produced my first design and bowl using Segment Pro. I have been using a different piece of software and it allowed/required that I determine the thickness of each ring to account for the curve of the bowl. Segment Pro only asks for one 'wall thickness' and it adjusts the wall thickness and...