• Due to production and supply issues resulting from Covid-19, all Stomper Kits and the Longworth Centering Attachments are backordered until March 1, 2021. Orders placed prior to that date will be shipped in the order they were received. I apologize for any inconveniences caused by this delay.

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  1. brian schumacher

    New Program

    Just purchased the whole works segmented program. very excited. will post more later maybe some pics to. i have been turning I think since 2007, but only segmented work 2009. self taught with the help of Tim Yoder on tv program. and read a few books one by Mr. Tibbetts ( inspiration), among...
  2. brian schumacher

    stomper help for newbe

    Watched a wonderfull video, and have a wuestion. the video mentioned the sprinkler was a 12 in pop up, the one in the video looks like a 16 in. I bought a 12 in pu sprinkler and cut the pvc to 16 in and the shaft only sticks up about an inch. can I cut the pvc to 12 in or what is the...