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  1. Pete M

    Thickness plainers

    A drum sander is the best way to flatten rings.
  2. Pete M

    Tried to reply but limited to only 420 characters. email me at

    Tried to reply but limited to only 420 characters. email me at
  3. Pete M

    Looking for a bandsaw sled jig that someone made that is like the accu-slice

    I am in the process of designing one.
  4. Pete M

    Longworth Centering Chuck?

    Sent you a private message Ken.
  5. Pete M

    Miter Guages?

    Go to my website for very accurate sleds.
  6. Pete M

    Scroll Saw Circle cutting Fixture

    Never tried it with the blade tilted.
  7. Pete M

    Wedgie-Less Sled

    about 2-1/2" . Can make a custom sled at additional cost.
  8. Pete M

    Wedgie-Less Sled

    Now accepting orders for the wedgie-less sled. The cost will be $150 plus shipping and tax if required. It is currently available with 10, 12, 16, 20, 24, 36, 48, 72 and 144 segment rings. It is machined from 11/16 baltic birch with a phenolic coating (SHADES OF BROWN MAY VARY). The sled...
  9. Pete M

    Another Newbie

    How low are you in AL? I am from Calera, about 20 miles south of Bham.
  10. Pete M

    Ft. Worth Texas

    You may want to check out my website for segmenting sleds and other fixtures.
  11. Pete M

    AAW 2020 Symposium

    I am absolutely thrilled to be chosen as a demonstrator at the 2020 AAW symposium in Louisville KY. June 4th - 7th. I look forward to seeing you at my demo's on Vortex Bowls and Finishing.
  12. Pete M

    Wedgie-Less Sled For Sale

    Arlin, Send me an email I am out of town all week
  13. Another Vortex

    Another Vortex

    This was glued up at my demo at SWAT last month. Finally got around to finishing it up. Made a Boo-Boo designing the pattern. The foot and lip are curly katalox. The lighting didn't bring out the curly figure very well. 12-5/8" diameter X 7" tall
  14. Pete M

    Wedgie-Less Sled For Sale

    I will soon be adding other options after SWAT symposium.
  15. Pete M

    How accurate or precise must my table saw be for feature rings

    Ed, Checkout my table saw sleds in the Buy, Sell, Trade forum. I avoid using thin kerf blades due to the possibility of blade flutter. I strongly recommend the Freud LU85 full kerf blade. I have been using this blade for over 20 years with excellent results.
  16. Viking Bowl Variation

    Viking Bowl Variation

    This is a variation of a Viking style bowl The customer wanted a wide lip instead of just a bead for a lip. The customer also specified a satin finish. The bowl was turned from Maple Burl and measures 8" diameter X 5" tall.
  17. Corian Vase

    Corian Vase

    7-1/4" diameter X 8-1/2" tall The dark streaks in the white are dark gray and are part of this particular color. It is very difficult to see the actual segments.
  18. Pete M

    It All Blew Up

    For open segment pieces I use a 1/2" Thompson bowl gouge with an Ellsworth grind and turn pretty fast. This seems to work for me. I do not use the carbide tools at all.
  19. Pete M

    Perfect Miters

    These are done on my wedgie-less sled and cutoff table. see my posts in the buy sell trade section.
  20. Pete M

    adjustable stop and sled

    Check out my sleds and cutoff tables in the Buy, Sell Trade section.