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    Need help with using the plates and stomper

    Thanks for the info, I was working on a layout and then i saw as the segment length grew it would move out on the plate, I guess I needed to see it laid out to understand
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    First open segment

    Looks great and I'm ready to try my first ,did you use Seg-Easy Plates or something similar? I'm not sure what to do after the first ring above the base, do you use the same plate or do you have to have others? anyone have a video that shows how to build a project like this from base to top...
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    Need help with using the plates and stomper

    Looking at purchasing Seg-Easy Plates but I'm just getting started with open segment, working with WTP and Segment pro. If i want to build a project for example that is 8" tall and starts out around 3" in dia and top ring is 8" with 24 seg per ring how may plate will i need or is it all done...
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    New to Segmented Turning Help!!!!

    If you have a bandsaw take a look at Accu-slice Title: Accu-Slice Band Saw Accessories, is a bit price I have the re-saw system and it works great and have just gotten the Accu-Wedge carriage ( had to save a while for this) and trying to work WTP and SP with this.
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    New to Segmented Turning Help!!!!

    Trying to save wood and being able to have multiple of same thing parts, i use my bandsaw and re-saw as much as i can to get thinner stock. I have been getting cutoffs from a local cabinet shop for some time to make toys, and pens and I'm planning on using them for the segments also. Like...
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    stomper kit for sale

    is it sold?