• Are you looking for a coupon code to buy my software? You can get one from lots of 3rd party sites but they won't work. My software never goes on sale and has never been discounted. The only coupon codes that are given is when I give a club presentation and I offer a discount to the attendees. Other than that, everyone pays the same price.

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  1. Murray Warner

    Hello from Ontario, Canada

    Hello Dave I have seen you in Canadian woodworking forum. You have a lotta cash I see.
  2. Murray Warner


    Hello all My name is Murray and I am from Nova Scotia which is on the eastern coast of Canada. I know this forum will be a great spot to get help with all my segmented questions. I have turned some beginner segmented items and I am wanting to try some of the open segmented.
  3. Murray Warner

    A couple of questions

    Hi all; I do have a couple of questions. First though I am pleased to see all the new aids in constructing opened and closed segment turnings. I will be ordering very soon. I have not done any open segment glue ups as yet and was wondering does one have to have another software program to...
  4. Murray Warner

    Open Segmented Vases

    Very nice work. I do like the little one.