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  1. KennyWho

    Probably SP bug?

    I need to read more of these postings. Learned that I don’t need ro draw the inside wall in SP and that fewer dots are better! Also that I don’t need to be too concerned about the 2nd dot because my projects are all open on both ends.
  2. KennyWho

    Software question about "width grouping" and width (rip width) error

    Reading this has made me realize what I need to work with the software - a ruler that measures in 10ths! I reckon this one ought to work - WeldingStop 6 in Machinist Ruler Scale 5R 10ths 1/100 1/32 1/64 Graduation Flexible Decimal Inch Steel Rule https://a.co/d/3TktM7h
  3. 1st Clarinet Bell

    1st Clarinet Bell

    I made this out of Mesquite. 6 sided segments. A bit too large, and it's intonation is a mite sharp.
  4. KennyWho

    Hi from Spring Branch, TX

    Longtime woodworker and woodturner, though not so much in the last few years. Primary hobby is now refurbishing vintage clarinets. While visiting the new Rockler store in San Antonio, I was inspired to try to create a segmented clarinet barrel and bell which led me here. Gonna be tedious, but...