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    Comment by 'peter white' in media '20230718_115325.jpg'

    Great job looks great.
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    Comment by 'peter white' in media '20230213_152953.jpg'

    Very good looking bowl well done.
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    Segment pro not opening windows 11

    Hi I have been running SP with windows 10 and decided to upgrade to 11.Had a Tech out to do everything as I am a noob with computers, he tried everything he could but can't get it working all other 3 work fine.
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    Segment pro not opening windows 11

    We have recently updated to the latest version of windows 11, all the woodturner programs are working fine, how ever segment pro doesn't want to open every time its clicked on nothing happens we have tired reinstalling it and restarting the computer. but had no luck is there an older version of...
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    That seems to have fixed the problem Thankyou
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    Box is ticked to stay logged in nothing seems to work o well.
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    Yes and every other forum I am on I have not had a problem will just live with it. Thanks for trying.
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    Thanks for that done a clean up not worked still have to log in every time.
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    Have tried everything I can think of to no avail still have to log in every time. I am using the same desktop I have used for years.
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    Thanks will try that but haven't changed any settings computers are strange beasts.
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    Why do I have to log in every time I visit I have box stay logged in ticked
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    Hello from Wisconsin!

    Very good urn I'm sure your mother would like that as a final resting place and sorry for your loss.
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    First piece using lam pro and set pro

    To finish bottom make a do nut chuck if you google it you should find instructions how to make.You have made a good looking piece.
  14. Icosahedron


    Woods New Zealand Kauri, Jarrah, Holly. From Malcolm Tibbetts book.
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    Comment by 'peter white' in media '2021-01-20 14.53.40.jpg'

    Very well done finial is great.
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    Am I a bad person?

    Am in the same boat with our exchange rate it would be $85 too expensive.
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    Hi How do I update Seg Pro Currently have 18 version but see there is version 19 out . Do we need to purchase update.Thanks Peter
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    Laination Pro - working in millimetres

    Had the same problem some time back only half comes out as metric even when you change options. It was promised to be fixed but has not been done. In software support way back you can read my posts.
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    Miter saw segment cutter Jigs,

    Yes you can but I feel it is more accurate on the table saw.