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  1. J

    Question about WTP

    I remeasured the segments and I am off on the board width. Not sure how that happened. My bad and very sorry to bother you with questions. Thanks Jim
  2. J

    Question about WTP

    Mike, please see my reply to Lloyd. I am just trying to figure out what I did wrong with the info. I followed it as stated.
  3. J

    Question about WTP

    Thank you Lloyd. I am not trying to blame your software. As I stated, I entered the info and followed the info. So the only think I can think of is I entered something incorrectly but this is how it looks.
  4. J

    Question about WTP

    Hello, Recently I needed to make 4 rings for a project I am working on. All 4 rings needed to be 8" OD and 3" ID. When creating them in WTP, this is what I entered for the OD & ID. When I built the rings after using the cut list from WTP. I then measured the ID of the rings and they all were at...
  5. J

    Comment by 'Jim Grieco' in media 'PXL_20230617_235137188~2.jpg'

    Thank you very much Lloyd!
  6. PXL_20230617_235137188~2.jpg


    Based on a Tom Lohman design. Plus, I used his gluing jig for the first time. This jig is the bomb! 48 segs per row with 40 rows. Woods used are Bloodwood, Cherry, Maple, Osage Orange and Wenge. Finish is spray can lacquer.
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  8. PXL_20230617_235558552~2.jpg


  9. J

    My Eagle Bowl attempt

    Lloyd this helps so much. For some reason I was thinking they had to be cut north-south not east-west. I even printed the design and started cutting it but still couldn't get it right. Thank you very much!
  10. J

    My Eagle Bowl attempt

    Sorry, I just do not understand. I'll just move on the something else. Thx
  11. J

    My Eagle Bowl attempt

    Lloyd, after cutting the gen 3 strips, where do you cut them in half?
  12. J

    My Eagle Bowl attempt

    Well I'm done with G1 but I am still confused about how to cut G2. I believe you are explaining it well it is just my brain doesn't work that way and I am not grasping how to do it
  13. J

    Creating Intricate Patterns

    Thank you for trying to help. I realize it is difficult for me to explain what I am asking. All I am asking is if there is an easy way to design a pattern than going to SP, design the shape/number of pieces/etc then use the paint option to design the pattern. I want to design from scratch. If I...
  14. J

    Creating Intricate Patterns

    Hello, Please bear with me while I try to explain (lol) I have the WoodturnerPro software suite which is what I use to design segmented works. I would like to design intricate patterns from scratch and am wondering if there is an easy way or proper steps to take to determine how many pieces...
  15. J

    How to make "Complementary" Segments with a wedgieless sled?

    Yea I was hoping I didn't need to do this. The reason for the sled I have is to not have to buy the wedgies.
  16. J

    How to make "Complementary" Segments with a wedgieless sled?

    Hello! I just was watching the 3 videos of Jerry Bennett. In the second video, he created what he called complimentary segments by setting the wedgie sled off-center. I use a wedgieless sled so I am not sure how to do this. The sled I use have various angles locked in by using a pin. The sled is...
  17. J

    Comment by 'Jim Grieco' in media 'PXL_20210825_010148723[7553].jpg'

    Thanks Mike. Starting to get the hang of it.
  18. PXL_20210825_010148723[7553].jpg


    Walnut/cherry vase. I used a profile from Seg Pro.
  19. J

    Beginner's Project - Open Segment Christmas Ornament

    I just want to show you guys my first attempt. Overall I am happy but I need to work on my technique for shaping a sphere. Walnut/cherry 6.5" tall with finial and about 4" wide.