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  1. Greg Bloxom

    Comment by 'Greg Bloxom' in media 'Fun and easy vase'

    The edges of some of the Goncalo Alves segments have dark areas and that may be what you're seeing. NO GAPS ALLOWED! Multiple shots of this piece are on my website. :p
  2. Fun and easy vase

    Fun and easy vase

    I've made several projects using this pattern, varying the size and wood choice each time. Used Goncalo Alves and Maple with this piece. 11" Height x 7" Diameter. Nice eye-catcher from across the room!
  3. Palisade Bowl

    Palisade Bowl

    A mixture of design elements went into this bowl, thanks to some Tom Lohman designs I purchased. 8" in height x 13" diameter. Wenge, Maple, Padauk.
  4. Shazam


    A fun and easy 480-segment piece using Padauk, Maple and Wenge. 8" in height x 10.5" diameter.
  5. Open Segment (Interwoven Pattern)

    Open Segment (Interwoven Pattern)

    A fun design, 480 segments, 9"H x 11"D.
  6. Simple Stomper Setup

    Simple Stomper Setup

    My simple and portable stomper setup. When not in use, I plunge the shaft, cover it with a little retainer to keep it compact, and store it on an upper shelf in my shop. When ready to use, I set it on a stool and make my piece. Works well in my small shop.
  7. Wave DNA.MP4

    Wave DNA.MP4

    Fine tuning wall thickness before sanding and finishing.
  8. Greg Bloxom

    Segment Pro question

    All: Using Windows 10, with the "Paint" screen up, I press the Windows key along with Shift and "S". This brings up the screen snip page where you can produce a custom print of your screen. Neat feature that not everyone has discovered. Greg Bloxom
  9. Concho 32

    Concho 32

    A fun and easy segmented vase using a few of my favorites: Walnut, Padauk, Maple and Wenge. 10" in height by 12" diameter, with 3/8" wall thickness.
  10. Aztec Sunburst

    Aztec Sunburst

    Segmented vase standing 11.5" in height, 10.5" in diameter. 1872 segments of various hardwood. A variation of one of Tom Lohman's plans I purchased.
  11. Segmented Vase

    Segmented Vase

    1344 segments, 9"H x 8"D, various hardwoods.
  12. Segmented bowl

    Segmented bowl

    A simpler version of a Tom Lohman design. 1632 segments, 34 rows, 17.5" diameter, 11" height, .25 row height, various hardwoods used.
  13. Segmented Salad Bowl w/Tongs

    Segmented Salad Bowl w/Tongs

    12x6 walnut salad bowl with matching tongs.
  14. Memorial Urn

    Memorial Urn

    Walnut memorial urn with Maple feature ring, lid with brass threaded closure and inscription disc. 10.5”H x 8”D. 290 cu. in.
  15. Yellow Zag

    Yellow Zag

    Segmented bowl comprised of Yellowheart, Purpleheart, Wenge and Maple. 16" D x 6.5" H.
  16. Yellow Zag

    Yellow Zag

    Segmented bowl comprised of Yellowheart, Purpleheart, Wenge and Maple. 16" D x 6.5" H.
  17. Segmented Vase

    Segmented Vase

    2016 segments using Padauk, Cherry, Wenge and Maple. 13H x 10D, 43 rings. A simplified variation of a Tom Lohman design.
  18. Crisscross Vase

    Crisscross Vase

    Wenge, Cherry, Padauk and Maple. 960 segments, 10" height X 10" diameter.
  19. Open Segment Bowl

    Open Segment Bowl

    Walnut base and rim with Maple, Padauk and Wenge combo for the fill. 4" height X 10" diameter.
  20. Open segment bowl

    Open segment bowl

    384 segments using Yellowheart, Purpleheart, Wenge and Maple. 7.5" in height and 11" in diameter.