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  1. Glenn McCarron

    Segment Pro Summary Question

    Hi Lloyd. Just planning my next project and am running into a bit of an issue. I attached my project and it is basically dark ( Wenge) with 18 spirals ( Maple) The problem is in the Summary report as it only counts 9 maple per row and not 18. Hence the Wenge count is also wrong. Not sure what...
  2. Glenn McCarron

    Edit a post

    Is it normal on a forum that anyone can edit every post? I would have thought that I could only edit my own posts? I tried this morning to edit a spelling mistake just to be curious and I was able to do it....
  3. Glenn McCarron

    Open Segment Project "Interwoven"

    This will be my second open segment project and may seem a bit overzealous but I am going to give it a try. My Jig is all set, the plan is in place (short of printing the Rings) and I have no lumber milled yet. I am thinking I will try the first few rows to see how it goes. My last project was...
  4. Glenn McCarron

    Open Segment fixture (Manual)

    I wanted to build a Driskell type fixture but I also wanted to upgrade the basic design. My main goal was to keep the cost as low as possible as well. The heart of the fixture is the index plate at the bottom. I elected to have a 16 inch diameter disc with index holes for 144, 120, 96, 60 & 48...
  5. Glenn McCarron

    Missing comments

    Just checking the forum this morning and there appears to be a number of posts that are now missing from some threads????
  6. Glenn McCarron

    Lamination Pro Project

    For my next proposed segmented project I need to do a feature ring. In that feature ring I would like to do a ring of Maple Leaves. To make my life easier I would like to use Lamination Pro to make the leaf design. ( I am hoping that Lloyd reads this and figures out a way to import a picture and...
  7. Glenn McCarron

    Closed Segment Project 1441

    1441, what is the significance of that number?
  8. Glenn McCarron


    A few weeks ago I didn't even know what a "Kendama" was. A niece asked if I could make her one. A quick Google search showed me what it was but a more extensive search found a set of plans that was actually published in the American Woodturner magazine in August 2011. Great article with lots of...
  9. Glenn McCarron

    Jewelry/Music Box

    I have to admit that sometimes I stray from round things and work with flat square stuff! I had copied a set of plans that was in a magazine a few years back. I have always wanted to make one but had no reason to. Now that a niece is old enough I will build it as a gift. I have ordered the...
  10. Glenn McCarron

    Media number

    Lloyd on the website forum how is the Media # determined?
  11. Glenn McCarron

    AAW & Segmented Woodturners Association

    Just curious how many forum members belong to the AAW or the Segmented Woodworkers Association. I have belonged to the AAW in the past but not currently. Maybe comment on your thoughts, benefits or hesitations. ***** you can vote without adding a comment **********
  12. Glenn McCarron


    When you want to add a thin veneer layer or multiple decorative layers in a segmented project I have a few questions: 1. What thickness do you use? 2. Where do you purchase it from? 3. What size did you buy? 4. Is the dyed wood veneers solid color? 5. Has anyone used "The Bowl Kit Company" to...
  13. Glenn McCarron

    Collaborative Bowl Project - Closed Segment

    Bob Beaupre (fellow form member) and I had been conversing in another thread in regards to making a flower type pattern in a open segmented bowl as well as trying one in a closed segment as well. I am looking at doing the closed segment bowl. The bowl that I would like to try is from one of...
  14. Glenn McCarron

    WTP shape points

    You are now able to move or add dots to fine tune your shape but how do you delete a point. In 3DD you can right click and delete a node. Thanks
  15. Glenn McCarron


    Hi Lloyd. In the past I have not paid to much attention to "Tags" in the Forum or gallery. Is the tags solely for internal searches or does it also help folks doing google searches by hitting the tags? Just curious as it may help attract traffic to the sight.
  16. Glenn McCarron

    Vase from a Board

    There's been talk about the Dizzy Bowl but not a dizzy vase so that is what I want to try. I milled material today and glued the block required. I will slice boards from my block at about 3/8 thick and then plane them to 1/4. I should get 6 boards to work with. I will then mark the...
  17. Glenn McCarron

    My Eagle Bowl attempt

    After a number of emails back and forth with Lloyd I have decided to try to reproduce his amazing Eagle Bowl. I have spent many sessions trying to figure out the actions to produce the eagle and I think I have finally wrapped my head around it. I want to make mine about 10 inches in diameter and...
  18. Glenn McCarron

    "Tock Game Board"

    Sorry, I initially posted this project in the wrong thread and then I think I somehow deleted the info as I can't find it. I had tried to post some more pictures but their orientation was wrong so I deleted them. Anyway, my newest project is a game board called "Tock". It is basically and...
  19. Glenn McCarron

    I knew better

    This is a lid that I made for on a Yarn bowl that I made for my wife as a Christmas gift. I copied the design from a picture I found on the Internet. The top had one segmented ring and a solid top. The solid part was about 5 inches across and was turned to about 3/8 thickness. It was a surprise...
  20. Glenn McCarron

    New project

    This is my first project designed with the Woodturning Pro suite of software. I will start cutting material this week. Before that I would appreciate any comments or suggestions anyone has. The vase will have a 1 7/8 glass tube 9" tall in the centre. I want this to be a usable vase. Would you...