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  1. Mike Goldfine

    Segment Pro vs Woodturner Pro

    After designing a few vessels with Segment Pro it seems to me that Woodturner Pro allows more flexibility and user friendliness A vessel designed in WP can contain rings with different numbers of segments. In that way, high count segment rings can be placed where you want to create detailed...
  2. Mike Goldfine

    Segment pro/ species not included on summary sheet

    I have painted a design using 3 different species, yet only one species is shown on the summary. Can you let me know how I can fix this?
  3. Mike Goldfine

    Printing problems

    I am trying to print a project on my WTP program. I choose print and got a proper preview of the project as any normal print preview. I made sure the paper was A4 format which is what we use here in Norway. I ordered the print and got just a couple of rows beginning from the top. The last(top...
  4. Mike Goldfine

    Segment Painting

    I am having a problem painting individual segments. I control click on the segment and it becomes highlighted, then I double click and the species dialog box doesn't appear and instead the whole segment row becomes highlighted. Am I doing something wrong?
  5. Mike Goldfine


    Hello Everybody, I've been woodturning for about 22 years here in Norway after I retired. I also do a lot of other types of woodworking. I have done some segmented turning based on Malcom Tibbett's methods, mostly experimenting with pine, and a few hardwoods. Tropical hardwoods have been hard to...