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  1. GrahamJ46

    Using CNC in segmented bowl turning

    I haven't been active recently in segmented bowl turning. About 2 months ago a I bought a desktop CNC and have been spending time getting up to speed with that. I would like to incorporate my CNC into other aspects of my hobby and that includes segmented bowl turning. I am wondering if anyone...
  2. GrahamJ46

    Sapele segmented bowl

    I haven't made a segmented bowl in a while, been doing other things. The attached is mainly sapele with a walnut base, feature ring of lacewood sandwiched between hard maple, and a mahogany rim. I haven't turned sapele before and soon experienced the potential tearout problem with sapele where...
  3. GrahamJ46

    Apology for asking - I am sure this has been asked before - using LP with WTP

    I have made a test design in WTP which has a feature ring with an SEL of ½". I have watched the video for using LP with SP and concluded that I need to make the repeating unit ½" in LP. It is a simple chevron in LP and I have made the lamination per the LP instructions. I want to use my wedgie...
  4. GrahamJ46

    Appearances can be deceiving!

    In the attached photos of a bowl apart from the walnut base and the padauk/sapele lamination it is entirely made of maple :).
  5. GrahamJ46

    Processing SegPRO Summary Output for the Shop

    I output 2 summaries to Excel. The first is the default summary and the second is with BW grouped. In both cases I check the optimize BW and SEL. I take those 2 Excel files and produce an Excel spreadsheet ready to take into the shop. I also take a screen shot of the bowl and past it onto the...
  6. GrahamJ46

    Flattening rings

    I feel sure that this must have been asked before but please forgive me if it has. Being new to segmented turning I am going through the learning curve that I am sure all of the experienced turners have been through. In this case figuring out the best way to consistently flatten rings on both...
  7. GrahamJ46

    Export to CSV

    I am new to WTP and just experimenting right now. I created a bowl with some accent wood making a simple pattern. When I look at the summary report I see all of the species listed. When I export to CSV only the default species is shown. Please help.
  8. GrahamJ46

    Just a rookie right now

    Hi, my name is Graham and I live in Vancouver, Canada. I have been a woodworker for about 15 years since I retired from my chemengineering career. I am new to wood turning and to segmented turning. I watched some Utube videos on segmented turning and thought "I must try that". I even just bought...