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  1. Peter Huckstep

    Not cutting diamond tips off

    I have made several diamond designs using Lamination Pro and have the same issue with each one when building the design. I always have an issue that I am cutting the points off of my diamonds. How do you either in layout or in cutting setup prevent cutting tip of diamond off or get the outer...
  2. Peter Huckstep

    Best way to get SEL from fence

    I use the wedgie sled and came up with a way to quickly get my SEL set accurately every time. I cut a strip of wood the same size as my fence and thickness of my saw blade shown in the photos. I tape it on so I am able to get an accurate measurement as it is the take out for the blade thickness...
  3. Peter Huckstep

    My Second Urn

    A close friends wife past away and I felt I needed to do something special for his family. I got to work and made this urn. I don't think its bad for my second urn. I added a threaded lid for ease of opening and closing and some chatter work to the lid.
  4. Peter Huckstep

    New Segmented Woodturner

    Hi, My name is Peter Huckstep and I have been turning a little over a year. I have made pens and very small boxes as I had only a mini lathe. I have moved up and just purchased a full size lathe so now can move on to turn larger segmented items even though I enjoy the small things. It is...