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  1. Peter1958

    Moving the feature ring in SP

    Hello Sir, I imported the file, eagle bowl?, and played with the design, I made the bowl a little narrower on the top, and 3 rings appeared above the feature ring. With a little more wallthickness you can make the design. Peter
  2. Peter1958

    Elforyn juma penblanks and a new majestic pen kit.

    A local store has these blanks on the shelf now and he challenged me to make a segmented pen with it. The woods used are yew, padauk and wenge. Black and white pvc for the contrast. This is the result
  3. Peter1958

    Comment by 'Peter1958' in media 'Segmented.5.1.jpg'

    this is stunning!!
  4. 20220502_103028.jpg


    segmented little bowls, stackable
  5. 20220502_103037.jpg


    ash padouk and wenge
  6. 20220502_111116.jpg


    ash 216 pieces, padouk 240, weng 240, tornado 264 pieces. all finished with shellawax, nice finish!
  7. 20220420_144339.jpg


    Jazz bolt pen kit, segmented blank
  8. 20220420_144352.jpg


    Wenge, yew, red azobe and pvc 0.25 mm thick. CA finish
  9. Peter1958

    Correct Gouge grind for segmented turning

    Well, here's a different approach to the grain. In bowls 99% of all turnings is side grain, but with pens i often have end grain, depending of the (segmented) design. The tools i use in the first place is a spindle gauge crown pro-pm half inch. Then i have made 6 or 8 scrapers from old...
  10. Peter1958

    Comment by 'Peter1958' in media '20220331_122617.jpg'

    Thanks, 4 species of wood and very nice software to design!!
  11. 20220331_122617.jpg


    ready, 7849 pieces of wood, some patience, a bottle of glue and some laquer to finish!
  12. umbrella stand

    umbrella stand

    72 segments a row, 109 rows. clear laquer finish
  13. 20220327_151930.jpg


    Far from a ready vase, still gluing and turning but i can't resist. Until now 6840 segments (95 rows 72 segments) glued and ready to turn the last row. it will be 7848 pieces (109 rows) for the umbrella stand. I thought of sharing it already.
  14. Peter1958

    Comment by 'Peter1958' in media '96.58.5 10-9-21.png'

    The pictures name shows the number of pieces in a ring (96) rows (58) thickness of the woods (5mm) and the date.
  15. Peter1958

    Comment by 'Peter1958' in media '96.58.5 10-9-21.png'

    That is ok, show us the result if you made it
  16. Peter1958

    Comment by 'Peter1958' in media '96.58.5 10-9-21.png'

    Yes, but how does that work again? The design was only saved as image and printed. Not as plan.
  17. Peter1958

    Segmented pens.

    Some people asked me if i could make some segmented pens, so we designed them, i made them. A large Jr. Gentleman fountain pen is the first one. Woods wenge, beech, padouk and merbau. Pvc cards black and white are used as contrasting elements. The second one is a ballpoint pen, ProzX art deco...
  18. Peter1958

    Comment by 'Peter1958' in media 'Pheonix 3.JPG'

    What a beauty, very very nice.
  19. Peter1958

    gaps between rows

    For me it depends on the size of the ring and the thickness i want. When a ring is 12mm thick or so, i use the drumsander to flatten the rings. When gluing them i alwas check on the lathe and sand if necessairy with a board and sandpaper. It must be perfectly flat. I added the picture of a...
  20. Peter1958

    Segmented cat pens

    On a FB-page i showed a few pens and bowls i made last year. Many reactions on all items. Also a question if i can make cat-pens, so i made 4 of them. Here they are.