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  1. Alex Garcia

    Not specifically related to segmenting, but....

    I will be retiring soon(ish) and am looking for ideas for my forever lathe. I currently own a Delta 16/42 and a Vicmarc VL300 short bed. Both lathes are great and I use the Delta for about 95% of my turning. What I would like is a single lathe that gives me the benefit of both the swing of the...
  2. Alex Garcia

    Am I a bad person?

    After being a member of the AAW for 20+ years, I have decided not to renew my subscription for $60.00. The only thing I get is the bi-monthly magazine and $60 seems kinda high for 6 issues of a magazine. I don't go to the symposiums, I don't really read the emails with tips, etc. I do believe...
  3. Alex Garcia

    Having issue with WTP randomly shutting down

    Running Windows 10 on a Dell 3743 i7 with 8.00 Gb ram. I have created a new turning and, occasionally, while I am working on it, WTP will just shut down and I am not sure why. When I create a new turning, I typically create files for multiple segment counts and save each file separately with...
  4. Alex Garcia

    Adding more accent rings

    Has anyone figured out how to add a third accent ring to a turning in the storyboard? I would like to show three 1/8" rings on the top and bottom of a feature ring for an urn that I am designing. Thanks
  5. Alex Garcia

    Just watched a video on YouTube about this device. I have never heard of it before and was wondering if anyone here has seen and/or used one of these. Seems like it might be mighty handy. Check it out at
  6. Alex Garcia

    DAP Rapid Fuse Glue

    I have been seeing alot of ads recently on the web for the new DAP Rapid Fuse Glue for wood bonding. Has anyone had any experience with this? Its kinda pricey and I am so used to using the standard Titebond PVA that I am not sure if it would be worth it for our type of application. Any thoughts?
  7. Alex Garcia

    Does size really matter?

    Hi Lloyd, I tend to do all of my designs on 1/4" grid paper and I want to use 3D design pro to create the shapes and import to WTP. Can I scan my little pictures and blow them up in 3dp or should I blow them up first and then scan them? Thanks
  8. Alex Garcia

    Just got my longworth chuck...

    ...and I have a problem. The bolts that are supplied with the chuck jam when I try to open or close the chuck. Has any one else had this issue and what have you done to solve it? I have the base screwed to a piece of plywood so the bolts don't fall out, but they are just loose enough to turn...
  9. Alex Garcia

    Centering jig for closed rings....

    Hey Lloyd, I don't see a place to order the longworth centering jig that you feature in your stomper vid. Are you still doing those? I know I could make one but I am a turner and my router skills are lacking. thanks....Alex
  10. Alex Garcia

    Hello from Lone Jack, Missouri

    Hello everyone. My name is Alex Garcia and I am a woodturner from Lone Jack, Mo. (close to Kansas City). I have been turning since 2000 and I think I am finally getting the hang of it a little. My little studio is Dragonhollow Woodturning and I have a website DragonHollow Woodturning. I have...