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  1. Peter1958

    Elforyn juma penblanks and a new majestic pen kit.

    A local store has these blanks on the shelf now and he challenged me to make a segmented pen with it. The woods used are yew, padauk and wenge. Black and white pvc for the contrast. This is the result
  2. Peter1958

    Segmented pens.

    Some people asked me if i could make some segmented pens, so we designed them, i made them. A large Jr. Gentleman fountain pen is the first one. Woods wenge, beech, padouk and merbau. Pvc cards black and white are used as contrasting elements. The second one is a ballpoint pen, ProzX art deco...
  3. Peter1958

    Segmented cat pens

    On a FB-page i showed a few pens and bowls i made last year. Many reactions on all items. Also a question if i can make cat-pens, so i made 4 of them. Here they are.
  4. Peter1958

    Vase extremely satisfying to make, segmented

    Beech and wenge veneer, 30 rings, 24 segments each. And then some fantasy.
  5. Peter1958

    Peter the dutchman

    Finally bought and installed the software. Already posted some pictures but i have to learn how to.....
  6. Peter1958

    Hello from the Netherlands

    Hello to all members. I'm new here and reading all there is on the forum. Woodturning is my "thing" Woodworking in general i do for over 40 years.