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  1. Bluemax

    Laser made segments

    I haven't posted in a while because I've been busy on other things. I have recently made 2 vases with open segments made on my Muse laser. I found that the creation of a segment design to cut only takes about 2 minutes which allows you to make as many of that size as you want. The cutting is...
  2. Bluemax

    Stomper and Longworth attachment for sale. Price Reduced

    I have a stomper kit, with 3 open segment plates ( 8 segment, 12 segment, and 24 segment), and the longworth centering attachment for sale. I have used them a little but I have not used them in a while. They do work good and are in perfect shape. Price reduced to $90 with free shipping from...
  3. Bluemax

    Total Saw Solutions saw blade

    I recently purchased a Total Saw Solutions saw blade based on the suggestion of one of the other members on site. It was in the "open segment turnings forum "interwoven"". I was very impressed with this blade and highly recommend it. Go to their web site to view it in action. It is not cheap but...
  4. Bluemax

    Latest Effort Bowl

    This is my latest effort that combines open segment with some work from my cnc router (on the feature ring and bottom). It is done in cherry, maple and purple heart. It is a Christmas Gift for my son's girlfriend. It started out as a vase with a glass vase insert but turned into a bowl when I...
  5. Bluemax

    New Member Tips

    I'm a new member in the group and have a couple suggestions that might help some of the members. I notice most good turners use a lathe tool to face the rings flat on their turnings in prep for the next ring. In doing open segment turning in particular I'm a little leery of popping the segment...
  6. Bluemax

    Trouble with segment pro authorization

    I entered my authorization code for woodturner pro for the new segment pro and it didn't accept it. Is there something I'm doing wrong.
  7. Bluemax

    New to the group but old wood turner

    I'm Dale Maxim from Gladwin Michigan. I've been turning since I retired in 2002. I have a Nova DVR lathe along with a CNC router and a Lignotec attachment. With these two machines I can do some rather unusual turnings. I'm not great at it but I like doing different stuff. I have done some open...
  8. Bluemax

    New Member from Michigan

    I'm a new member who does turnings both open and closed segmented. I also combine some of my work with a CNC router and also an ornamental turner. I am more of a tinkerer than an artist but I have sold quite a bit of my work. I haven't purchased the software yet and I was wondering if you can...