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  1. Brent Dalrymple

    First Effort Completed

    I almost always use 1/4" thickness for both open and closed vessels. That seems to be a good compromise between the "wow"factor of lightness and risk of damaging the bowl before completion. I have gone as thin as 0.050" on a few that are made with resin stabilized pen blanks. Photo attached.
  2. Brent Dalrymple

    Hollowing with a camera system

    The arms that hold the wheels can be arranged at almost any angle and at any position around the support structure. Also the front 2/3 can be quickly removed so that you can have the support behind the bowl (for turning the outside, if necessary) and no obstruction from the support. That may be...
  3. Brent Dalrymple

    Hollowing with a camera system

    I made one similar to yours years ago and it works well much of the time. It was inexpensive to make but it doesn't have the versatility of the Carter version, which is pretty expensive.
  4. Brent Dalrymple

    Hollowing with a camera system

    I had one similar to the Carter (but a different brand) and found it heavy and difficult to maneuver. The articulated systems are virtually friction free and I find them easy to use (not that hollowing is ever "easy").
  5. Brent Dalrymple

    Hollowing with a camera system

    Hi Frank: The bottom image show the automobile backup system I am using. It includes both camera and monitor. The monitor is only 7" but where I have it mounted it is quite adequate and it has the virtue of being able to eliminate the backup lines that cannot be eliminated on some backup...
  6. Brent Dalrymple

    Hollowing with a camera system

    A friend and fellow turner tipped me off that he had abandoned his laser hollowing system for one that uses a camera and a monitor. I did a bit of polking around on the web and found a nice video by Michael Gibson ("Hollowing with a Monitor") on Youtube. So, I took the plunge and bought an...
  7. Dinosaur Bowl Design Grid

    Dinosaur Bowl Design Grid

    From Segment Pro
  8. Dinosaur Bowl Photo 2

    Dinosaur Bowl Photo 2

  9. Dinosaur Bowl

    Dinosaur Bowl

    This open-segment bowl is 7-1/4" diameter x 9-1/8" high and is made of 5125 pieces of wood, including maple, purple heart, pau ferro, yellow heart, bloodwood, chakte viga, limba, ebony, and quilted maple. This bowl is somewhat unique because there is no symmetry--it looks different from every...
  10. Opus 81

    Opus 81

    4-1/2" diameter x 4" high. Western maple burl and Gabon ebony. I started to make a bowl like this 4 years ago but got careless while hollowing and blew out the sidewall. So, I bought another bowl blank and waited 2 years for the blank to dry, then rough turned it and gave it another year to...
  11. Antigua II

    Antigua II

    The pattern is after our Islander 30/II auxiliary sloop that we owned and sailed on S.F. Bay and environs for 21 years. It is 8-1/4" diameter x 9-1/2" tall. Made of maple, bubinga, holly, blue-dyed maple, yellowheart, bloodwood, chalet-viga, and ebony. 4850 pieces of wood. I made it for one of...
  12. Grapes & Wine

    Grapes & Wine

    8-1/8" high x 8-1/4" diameter. Purpleheart, maple, limba, and silver-dyed maple. 4218 Pieces of wood. Made for one of my daughters, who, with her husband, intends to retire to California wine country.
  13. Brent Dalrymple

    Dyeing Wood for Colored Segments

    I'll do that after I do some experiments with different thicknesses of wood next week. For 3/16" thick maple, however, it was uniform color all the way through using a dark magenta dye.
  14. Brent Dalrymple

    Dyeing Wood for Colored Segments

    I used water-based aniline dye (Moser's). Alcohol might be difficult for a couple of reasons. First methyl (and other forms of alcohol) have lower boiling temperatures at 1 atmosphere than water so I suspect (I haven't looked it up) they would boil at a higher pressure than water, which means...
  15. Brent Dalrymple

    Dyeing Wood for Colored Segments

    I'll be away this week, but I'll try your suggestion when I get back and post the results. It looked to me like most of the bubbles came out of the ends, so I suspect that most of the dye gets in that way too. If that is the case, thickness may not matter as much as length.
  16. Brent Dalrymple

    Dyeing Wood for Colored Segments

    I have a bowl designed that will use some colored segments. I couldn't find much information on the internet on dyeing wood (only veneer, but that's thin stuff) so I thought I'd do some experimenting. I bought a 1 gallon vacuum chamber and single-stage vacuum pump. In addition I bought an...
  17. Brent Dalrymple

    Total Saw Solutions saw blade

    I've been using the Total Saw Solutions 1/16" blade for about two years and like it a lot. In fact, I bought a second one last year. These blades are well worth the money and will make up the difference in cost because they cut away 1/2 as much wood as a 1/8" blade. The resistance while making...
  18. Opus #107--Turtle Bowl Profile.

    Opus #107--Turtle Bowl Profile.

    For details, see photo of bowl inside.
  19. Opus #107--Turtle Bowl

    Opus #107--Turtle Bowl

    Turtles have a special meaning for one of our daughters, so I made her a turtle bowl. It is 12-3/8" diameter x 4" high, made of maple, curly maple, jatoba, limba, bloodwood, and padauk. 96 segments per row, 2245 pieces total.
  20. Beavers


    Profile view. See other view for description.