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  1. Brent Dalrymple

    Hollowing with a camera system

    A friend and fellow turner tipped me off that he had abandoned his laser hollowing system for one that uses a camera and a monitor. I did a bit of polking around on the web and found a nice video by Michael Gibson ("Hollowing with a Monitor") on Youtube. So, I took the plunge and bought an...
  2. Brent Dalrymple

    Dyeing Wood for Colored Segments

    I have a bowl designed that will use some colored segments. I couldn't find much information on the internet on dyeing wood (only veneer, but that's thin stuff) so I thought I'd do some experimenting. I bought a 1 gallon vacuum chamber and single-stage vacuum pump. In addition I bought an...
  3. Brent Dalrymple


    Here is the plan and a photo of my high-density open segment bowl, "Forest". 96 segments per ring.
  4. Brent Dalrymple

    Open Segment Indexing Fixture

    I had a request to post a picture of my open segment indexing fixture. The first version is shown in P1000955. The white, 12" indexing graph is glued to a 1/8" acrylic disk, and is changeable using two screws with threaded inserts in the 1/2" MDF mounting plate. The graph was made using Title...
  5. Brent Dalrymple

    Wedgie Sled

    I got interested in Jerry Bennett's Wedgie Sled (plans and videos at so I decided to give it a try. I purchased a Freud 60T thin kerf crosscut blade to minimize "fuzzies" on the cut wedges. I also made an adjustable stop/gauge to govern the width of the outer part of the segments...
  6. Brent Dalrymple

    Digital Thin Rip Jig for Table Saw

    I needed a better thin rip jig to use with the southwestern feature in Lamination Pro, so I designed and built the one shown in the photo and diagram attached. Here are a few notes on construction: 1. This jig is dimensioned for the Jet Supersaw, on which the miter slots are 7 inches from...
  7. Brent Dalrymple

    Stomper Station

    I decided that anything as clever and useful as Lloyd's Segment Stomper with Longworth Centering Jig deserved a place of its own in my shop rather than just a hole in a table or cabinet that was built for some other purpose, so I built a "Stomper Station". It is 15" deep by 18" wide with a 12"...