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  1. Lloyd Johnson

    disk for open segment using Lamination Pro

    Eauston, A couple things to consider - If you use the single strip method, it will save you wood because the top and bottom segments should be identical (although they seldom are). The problem with the single strip is that as you move away from the centerline of the board, cutting the radial...
  2. Lloyd Johnson

    Height resize

    John, In addition to what Mike has said, I think starting in 3D Design PRO is always the best idea. It only takes seconds to make a wall profile and you then have full control over all of the dots that make up the profile. Transfer it to Woodturner PRO and make note of the height or width you...
  3. Lloyd Johnson

    Comment by 'Lloyd Johnson' in media 'Closed - open bowl continued'

    That’s a fun design, Art. It’s surprising we don’t see it more often as it adds a lot of interest. Thanks for posting. It’s great to hear from you again.
  4. Lloyd Johnson

    Tornado Vase

    Warren, You did a great job with your first Segmented vessel. I’m anxious to see where you go from here. Thanks for posting! lloyd
  5. Lloyd Johnson

    Seg easy plates

    I certainly agree with Green_Dragon about the concern of a lubricant causing finishing interference, but since both the outside and inside diameters will be turned away, so will trace amounts of the lubricant from those surfaces. The bottom of the segment is glued side-grain to side-grain and...
  6. Lloyd Johnson

    Hi Ken, Changing the Membership to PRO Member is something I do manually. When a purchase is...

    Hi Ken, Changing the Membership to PRO Member is something I do manually. When a purchase is made, look for an account and then upgrade it. On yours, it appears that since your wife made the purchase and it had her name and email address on it, I made an account for her. I have now deleted it...
  7. Lloyd Johnson


    Daniel, Mike and Ken have provided great answers and I thank them for this. To add a little more to this conversation, the outside diameter is calculated based on the number of segments and the Segment Edge Length (S.E.L.). The inside diameter is a result of using a board of the specified...
  8. Lloyd Johnson

    Seg easy plates

    That’s great! That means I’m one-in-a-row. :-> Keep the screwdriver trick in mind for those times when you don’t have silicon spray. It will work just as well. Thanks for posting! Lloyd
  9. Lloyd Johnson

    Printing ring view

    At one time, I used to tile the printing which means that it would print on multiple pages when margins were exceeded and you could cut and paste the pages to get a full ring. I got a lot of grief from because this meant that each row would print four pages of color and printer cartridges are...
  10. Lloyd Johnson

    Missing grid button

    If you are ever watching a video tutorial and it shows something that is not on your user interface, it means that the video tutorial was made from an earlier version. Whenever I can simplify the user interface I do so without removing functionality unless it adds no value, as is the case with...
  11. Lloyd Johnson

    Seg easy plates

    The screwdriver idea sounds like a screwy idea, but it simply works and I'm not sure why it works. I suspect it might because it forces the segments to be lifted up perfectly straight where lifting it manually does not insure perfection. I'll be anxious to hear your results, but I'm confident I...
  12. Lloyd Johnson

    Seg easy plates

    My first suggestion is to make sure you are not forcing the segments to the center. This makes the segments hard to remove from the plate. Simply slide it towards the center until it hits resistance and then stop. My second suggestion deals with how to remove the turning from the plate after...
  13. Lloyd Johnson

    02 - Segment PRO User Interface

    Ron, Make sure you watch the five-part tutorial named “Beginners Project - Open Segment Christmas Ornament”. As that one has a lot of information that is for open segment vessels including design, cutting, assembly and turning. Here is the link...
  14. Lloyd Johnson

    feature ring showing incorrect number of segments in bowl view

    I was pretty sure I had this working as advertised. I know that there are a few things in the Storyboard that aren’t persistent, though, and when I get some time, I’m going to try to make sure they are there so thanks for posting this issue. Even though in this case, it is working correctly, it...
  15. Lloyd Johnson

    seg pro crash

    One of the objectives in writing Segment PRO was to have a profile editor that allowed you to draw just the outside wall profile and specify the inside wall profile. The problem with this was that if too few dots were used, it was impossible to make an inside profile that made sense. This...
  16. Lloyd Johnson

    Printing problems

    The controls I use to render the 3D images do not support printing so the only way I can do it is to do a screen capture in the software. If I do it in the software, I can only give you limited capabilities for printing. If you do the screen capture (PrtScr key), you can paste it into an image...
  17. Lloyd Johnson

    Weird Results

    Sorry I missed out on this thread - social distancing has me remodeling two bathrooms. :-< I’m glad you sorted out the issue but I thought I’d review the formulas for determining the cutting angles for closed and open rings... Closed Segments: 360 / segments / 2 Example for 12 segments: 360 /...
  18. Lloyd Johnson

    Comment by 'Lloyd Johnson' in media 'Open Segment (Interwoven Pattern)'

    Another fine turning, Greg. Nice design, species selection and execution. Thanks for posting! Lloyd
  19. Lloyd Johnson

    Comment by 'Lloyd Johnson' in media '0AB65E08-1A1A-4AA3-B301-8C8F8D5172FD.jpeg'

    Great job, Ron! It’s a nice shape and your assembly is right on. I hope you’re having fun - it sure looks like you are. Thanks for posting. Lloyd
  20. Lloyd Johnson

    Comment by 'Lloyd Johnson' in media '20200426_200347.jpg'

    Nice job, Peter! I see a county fair prize in your near future. Thanks for posting.