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    Thank you! Just used what I had on hand.
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    Thanks, I tried closed years ago and I didn’t really take to it. I may give it a whirl again in the future but for now I will see where the open takes me.
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    Thank you. I enjoyed working on it.
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    I’m fairly new to the open segment turning and created this from my trial run with Segment Pro. The software is . I found the inside neck was a bit tricky turning with the open segments. This vessel is from maple, walnut, Sapele, padauk and wenge. It measures 18” wide and 12” high with a 56.5”...
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    This is a view from the other side.
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    disk for open segment using Lamination Pro

    Thanks Lloyd, I ended up trying the single strip and had better luck. Originally I was trying the repeat method using the noted required Laminate but I came up short both times. Obviously user error but I’ll keep working at it.
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    disk for open segment using Lamination Pro

    Thanks kindly, I will see what I can do in posting the file, if not I can post the width and angle. I agree with you on the radial and disc view. Best I can figure out anyway.
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    disk for open segment using Lamination Pro

    Hi all, I am attempting to create a disk using lamination pro for an open segment piece to use as my base. My issue is that I've come up short on both attempts. Using the lamination wizard I've selected my board widths. Then I select my repeating units and cut details. Moving onto gen 1 then...
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    Very nice! The open/closed combo is terrific.
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    Hello all, I am Ed. A self taught turner for 20 some years. New to segmented turning. Checked out WTP and decided to come on board. Some incredible work you folks are sharing here.