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    lloyd, i had to get a new compute as my hard drive failed how can i get the software down...

    lloyd, i had to get a new compute as my hard drive failed how can i get the software down loaded to my new machine? i will try and download it again? thanks for your help, ed
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    Version 1.1.010

    Lloyd, when I am in the Summary, and every time I move a column to a different location and select Print Preview, Segment PRO gets an error If I just select Print, it is ok
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    01 - Introducing Segment PRO!

    Bob, I am having the same issue, lots of scrolling. I have tried to adjust my resolution but no success yet.
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    01 - Introducing Segment PRO!

    Great video, great product. Looking forward to adding this new piece to my suite!
  5. Feature Ring Vase

    Feature Ring Vase

    Segmented Vase with a mix of pieces per ring. 24 and 12 segments per ring with a simple feature ring. Maple, Bubinga, Ash and Wenge with various died disks 344 Pieces
  6. 24 Segment Vase

    24 Segment Vase

    Segmented Vase with 24 segments per ring. Mini Feature ring on top neck of 48 segments. 627 Pieces - Avodira and Paduk
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    Lamination Pro Circles

    Downloads button Lloyd, how / where is the 'Downloads' button so I can get the new version? Thanks, Ed
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    Stave Segment Techniques

    Lloyd, having one problem. Now that I have a test design (a vase), my one ring that I have as a compound ring shows a desired compound slope of 75 degrees (ring #3) and not sure that my table saw will go high enough to do the cut for the board width. What do you do when this happens? Also...
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    Stave Segment Techniques

    Lloyd, completed the MDF test and I must say, the segments matched perfect! What is your recommendation to mount the ring so you can even the bottom/top. I have seen some folks hot glue the ring to a faceplate MDF.
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    Stave Segment Techniques

    Again, thanks for the clarification, that makes more sense to me now. And I will take you up on the idea to run a test w/MDF. Will keep you posted, Ed.
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    Stave Segment Techniques

    Again, Thanks Lloyd, I went and changed the two rings from Stave to Compound, and made some adjustments. Woodturner Pro defaulted to 40 degrees for the 'Desired Compound Slope' which will be supported by the 'Wedge' I will create as you mentioned earlier, correct? So in the Cutting Summary...
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    Stave Segment Techniques

    Thanks for that insight Lloyd, I will give it a try. And I would guess that if I need a slope other than 40, or 50, just make another wedge to use on the miter fence for that degree. In my Woodturner Pro .wtp design, I have a stave segment ring that has a miter angle of 5.33 deg and blade tilt...
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    Stave Segment Techniques

    Was wondering what folks use to cut stave segments. Also, is there a plan somewhere to build a jig for the table saw, or do most use the bandsaw or compound miter saw? Would really like to try building a stave vase, but any info would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! Ed
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    Segment jig

    I would agree with Dick, I too glue one ring at a time and have always had luck with this method. Even one at a time you do need to insure that the new glued ring does not move on you. And after 3 or so, I do 'rough turn' the rings. This has helped me and also helps on keeping the mass from...
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    Exporting LaminationPro SW designs to WTP

    Hi Billy Make sure you have WTP up and running, then the export button should be active. Ed