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  1. Lamp. 1

    Lamp. 1

  2. Lamp.


    Height 270 mm, diameter of the ball 158 mm. .
  3. Lamp2


  4. Lamp1


  5. Lamp.


    Height 280 mm, maximum diameter 163 mm. .
  6. Vase "Emperor"

    Vase "Emperor"

  7. Vase "Emperor"

    Vase "Emperor"

    Vase "Emperor". Used: birch, silver sucker, padauk, mahogany, mulberry, walnut, dark walnut and light walnut, fumed oak veneer with a thickness of 1.6 mm.. The vase was made 42 days.. The number of small segments 7632 pieces. The diameter of the vase is the largest 275 mm., the height of the...
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  9. bowls1


  10. bowls


    In the manufacture of bowls were used: walnut, silver sucker, birch, chestnut, mahogany, wenge, honey locust, and mulberry.... The diameter of the Cup 264 mm height 124 mm..
  11. Bowl


    Material: birch, mahogany, mulberry, walnut, acacia, silvery Loch.
  12. Cup1


  13. Cup


    Finished today Cup. Material: Mahogany, birch, gleditsia, mulberry, walnut, silver sucker! Glue Titebond II transparent. Lac acrylic glossy. The diameter of 288 mm, height 108 mm.Thanks guys for a good program.
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    Hello, New to the forum and need help printing

    Yes, you are right. I have already noticed. I prepare material for woodworking. Happy New Year and merry Christmas!
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    Hello, New to the forum and need help printing

    И извините за мой английский. Но это не я. Переводчик Yandex так переводится.:)