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    Laination Pro - working in millimetres

    Had the same problem some time back only half comes out as metric even when you change options. It was promised to be fixed but has not been done. In software support way back you can read my posts.
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    Miter saw segment cutter Jigs,

    Yes you can but I feel it is more accurate on the table saw.
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    Miter saw segment cutter Jigs,

    Go to,Seg it will show details for making the sled the best sled by far.Also has other good info.Cheers
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    Feature ring.

    It sounds to me that you are cutting staves you then need to make a different sled and then you cut on flat.If you google u-tube there are videos showing how to make one I am sorry I don't have link to give you.A basic explanation is you make a sled with an adjustable fence so you can dial in...
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    First Vase

    That is a stunning vase.
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    Digital calipers for segmented turning...

    A mate of mine printed all the angles to the shape of a segment at the angles I need.He printed them on a 3d printer. I place them between fences of sled and don't have to test anymore.
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    Updating Seg Pro

    Hi. Am having trouble down loading latest upgrade in Seg Pro. I am currently running .027 have tried several times to update over a few days.Everytime I do I get a message at the last stage that it has been interrupted try later always same result. I have all earlier upgrades with no...
  8. Wedding present

    Wedding present

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    Open Segment Project - Maze

    Excellent job everything looks great well done.
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    Open Segment Project - Maze

    I agree with Glenn the last picture with a blank row.
  11. Globe


    My take on a Gord Rock globe.Designed in 3d Pro and WTPro.320mm dia. ash for the globe rimu for stand.
  12. Globe


    An idea from Gord Rock's web site.Designed in 3D Pro and WT Pro. 310mm Diameter, ash for globe rimu frame.
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    Question about the glue up

    Excellent job well done.
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    Need Help

    A bit hard to see the complete rings but in the fourth image it appears to have 3 white segments in the top first row and 2 in the rest, also in first photo Sept 25 it shows the same 3 white. You need to check that you are laying out 2 white 1walnut all the way around not.
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    Metric conversion

    Am still waiting to see if a fix can happen to get all metric measurement in Lam Pro.