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  1. wood and guitar strings

    wood and guitar strings

    bowl with natural bark and guitar strings
  2. memories


    spalted wood and photo
  3. ice bowl

    ice bowl

    bowl made from a block of ice
  4. corian bowl

    corian bowl

    corian bowl
  5. bean bowl

    bean bowl

    beans and glue
  6. plastic cup

    plastic cup

    mini cup
  7. candy dish

    candy dish

    red hots candy and glue
  8. multi bean bowl

    multi bean bowl

    assorted beans and glue
  9. spalted wood and metal

    spalted wood and metal

    spalted wood and metal
  10. jawbreaker vase

    jawbreaker vase

    small vase from a jawbreaker, you can see it made on my youtube account:
  11. walnut and metal

    walnut and metal

    walnut and assorted metal and pennies
  12. micro vase

    micro vase

    micro vase turned from corian
  13. teter toter

    teter toter

    ash wood
  14. untitled


    assorted woods and rusted steel
  15. opposition


    assorted woods