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hallow form 511

hallow form 511

This vessel is constructed out of my favourite timbers sapele walnut and beech the design is based on a chapter in Malcolm tibbetts book, and was constructed using the stacked timber method. The vessels form was taken from one of 3d pro's included designs which was hallow form 511.
This vessel was 220mm tall and 260mm in diameter
Very nice, good tight joints and great finish. I'm going to take a look in Malcolm's book for the feature ring. Thanks for posting.
Great job, Martyn. That is not an easy feature ring to create and make it turn out as nice as this.
thanks Llyod that means alot, my only regret is that i haven't kept the grain all going in the same direction but its well sealed so i hope it deesn't move that much

stuart ive read his book front to back it i found it very informative and interesting. Its a good read

hi bob the finish is rustins plastic coating, about 5 coats then sanded flat up to 2500 grit, finally polished with T -cut car polish

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