Walnut vase
Greg Bloxom

Walnut vase

Quilted walnut with wenge, maple and padauk.
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I, too, love the grain in the walnut. The walnut we have here in Oregon is very wild and very colorful. I love using it, although it is more expensive than Eastern walnut.
Just an idea for a future vase...
A more traditional shape would have the neck and mouth be narrower (and often considerably narrower) than the widest point. If you are newer to turning, this can be tricky as it is difficult to hollow through a narrower mouth. The way to fight this is to make it from two pieces. The lower piece would end just above the feature ring which is usually the widest point. The top half of the vessel will be built from the top down, starting with a waste block. When you have the two pieces complete, glue them together by mounting the top in the tail stock. You'll need an adapter for a live center that is threaded for the adapter. This process pretty much eliminates the need for hollowing and it ends up saving a ton of time.
Thanks for posting.
Thanks, Lloyd, for the tip. I need more figured walnut! I've done several vases in the manner you describe, so I'm fairly familiar with putting them together. I started out intending on making this an urn with a lid but changed midstream. My wife/advisor suggesting making the opening like this...and I always listen to her! ;-) Thanks again.
I think the walnut is the bees knees on this and the whole layout is fantastic looking. Well done.

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