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  1. Aprilm
    Aprilm Bob Beaupre
    hi Bob , Just joined this site/forum. How do I post a general question to the group? I only see a posting block on a specific persons site.
  2. Don Groesser
    Don Groesser Lloyd Johnson
    Lloyd, Don Groesser here. I lost my computer and my log on key to use the Woodturner programs. Could you please send it to me. Thanks
  3. Richard Wilkman
    Richard Wilkman
    Turning big pieces of wood into smaller ones.
  4. Hughie
    what a wonderful world
  5. Jan Conradie
    Jan Conradie
    From Sedgefield, South Africa
  6. Mark Inmon
    Mark Inmon Kevin Neelley
    HI Kevin, any files that would be an easy start as a first project, not looking at different woods, just maybe some low cost wood from Metro or some scraps.

    Just got the miterset plates and want to make some rings. So far not getting good rings, I think by table saw blade is flexing and causing my cuts to be off a bit.
  7. juansierra
    juansierra Lloyd Johnson
    I'm looking for information on how to do a 3d design bowl?
  8. juansierra
    Does anybody have any ideas on how to make a 3d design bowl? Any videos or tutorials.
  9. Tim Boger
  10. Dan Travis
    Dan Travis Lloyd Johnson
    Hi Lloyd. Did my first open segment projects. I have been searching forums for a few answers. My first question was how to remove the glue between the segments. I used a pipe cleaner but was not to successful in removing glue. Second was the proper way to put a finish on an open segment vessel. If you can give me some direction to a forum, I would appreciate it. Thanks.
  11. Halling51
    Halling51 mfisher
    My email:
  12. Halling51
    Halling51 mfisher

    Had to write more then one mail!
  13. Halling51
    Halling51 mfisher
    I have now made me Lloyds saw jig, Bob's setup for open segments. I also have the big wheel Lloyd sell and have to figure out how to do.
    Hope I can be starting on the real job soon.
  14. Halling51
    Halling51 mfisher
    I have got me some new gear and have been working on jigs lately. The piece of palte you use on the sander is that made to 22.5 degr or is it made for 11.25?
    It might be easy for you but I need to start from the beginning and have lots of questions. You might have seen my previous info here. I have got great help from Bob and Lloyd and looking for videos they all have made.
  15. Halling51
    Halling51 mfisher
    <hello Mike?
    I want to ask you what kind of Zyliss equipment do you show in your video about Diamonds?
    I have been working on my setup(from Bob Beaumont) since the winter. Had to stop for some months as of illness. Now I am back and want to continue the setup and was looking at the segment videos and yours.
    Retired Railroader
  17. Frank Smith
    Frank Smith Lloyd Johnson
    I need to transfer my license from my current work laptop to my personal one. How can I get the activation code? I can't seem to find the email.
  18. Arlin Eastman
    Arlin Eastman Frank Smith
    OK is this how it is done how I got with you before is called "Start a conversation"?

    Also again Happy Birthday. I do not remember the day so I thought I would do it now. :)

    Sorry again I just noticed it on the left of the page. lol
    1. Frank Smith
      Frank Smith
      Thanks Arlin. I thought your birthday was November 13th also but you profile says October 18th.
      Sep 12, 2018
    2. Arlin Eastman
      Arlin Eastman
      hahaha two guys at birthdays. lol

      I knew I was older then you by a tad but forgot that September is earlier.
      Sep 12, 2018
  19. Arlin Eastman
    Arlin Eastman Frank Smith

    Happy early Birthday buddy. Also how do I do PMs here?
    1. Frank Smith
      Frank Smith
      Same to you Arlin! Not sure about the PM's. I'll see if I can figure it out.
      Sep 11, 2018
    2. Frank Smith
      Frank Smith
      I think they are called conversations on this forum. If you go to your profile there is a "Start Conversation" selection. You can invite one or more people to the conversation. I'll send you one to see if it works.
      Sep 11, 2018
  20. Woodsmith
    Woodsmith stuart johnson
    have some oak that's 1/2 thick but naturally it is 7/16 thick. My question is do I set the segmented pro at a thickness of 0.5 or 0.375 ? Thank you in advance. Bob