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  1. Frank Smith
    Frank Smith Lloyd Johnson
    I need to transfer my license from my current work laptop to my personal one. How can I get the activation code? I can't seem to find the email.
  2. Arlin Eastman
    Arlin Eastman Frank Smith
    OK is this how it is done how I got with you before is called "Start a conversation"?

    Also again Happy Birthday. I do not remember the day so I thought I would do it now. :)

    Sorry again I just noticed it on the left of the page. lol
    1. Frank Smith
      Frank Smith
      Thanks Arlin. I thought your birthday was November 13th also but you profile says October 18th.
      Sep 12, 2018
    2. Arlin Eastman
      Arlin Eastman
      hahaha two guys at birthdays. lol

      I knew I was older then you by a tad but forgot that September is earlier.
      Sep 12, 2018
  3. Arlin Eastman
    Arlin Eastman Frank Smith

    Happy early Birthday buddy. Also how do I do PMs here?
    1. Frank Smith
      Frank Smith
      Same to you Arlin! Not sure about the PM's. I'll see if I can figure it out.
      Sep 11, 2018
    2. Frank Smith
      Frank Smith
      I think they are called conversations on this forum. If you go to your profile there is a "Start Conversation" selection. You can invite one or more people to the conversation. I'll send you one to see if it works.
      Sep 11, 2018
  4. Woodsmith
    Woodsmith stuart johnson
    have some oak that's 1/2 thick but naturally it is 7/16 thick. My question is do I set the segmented pro at a thickness of 0.5 or 0.375 ? Thank you in advance. Bob
  5. stuart johnson
    stuart johnson
    I would use 1/2 inch. Do it a second time and set it at 3/8 to see if there is any real difference.
  6. Woodsmith
    Woodsmith stuart johnson
    I have some oak that's 1/2 thick but naturally it is 7/16 thick. My question is do I set the segmented pro at a thickness of 0.5 or 0.375 ? Thank you in advance. Bob
    1. mfisher
      Woodsmith. Don't confuse wood thickness of your stock with what you use in the software. The SP ring thickness would be what you want the final thickness of the rings to be for your vessel.
      Sep 5, 2018
  7. Woodsmith
    Woodsmith stuart johnson
    Hello Stuart. Can I ask a question?
  8. David Narducci
    David Narducci Lloyd Johnson
    Hello Lloyd, I'm making great strides getting started on segmenting! At the show Lyle mentioned sourcing wood in 3/8 thicknesses from either Ebay or another online site. Can you give me a couple options that are reliable for ongoing projects? Good pricing would be nice! Thanks
  9. Bob Griffin
    Bob Griffin
    Hi, a note to Lloyd that I just finished my Eagle vessel and am happy that it is finished.
  10. Thomas Miley
    Thomas Miley
    newbe to segmented turning
  11. Doug Wininger
    Doug Wininger Bob Beaupre
    Hi Bob, I recently purchased Segmentation Pro, Woodturning pro and Lamentation Pro. I have tried to make sense out of them but since I have no experience using anything like this I having trouble getting it together. I have watched some tutorials but they all seem geared to people who have some experience.
    Thank you,
    Doug Wininger
  12. Arlin Eastman
    Arlin Eastman Lloyd Johnson
    If you are coming by or thru Iowa on your way to "Segmented Woodturners bi-annual symposium that will be held October 12-14 in St. Louis, MO." I sure would like to meet you and show me some things on the computer program.


    PS I do not remember how to send a PM here
  13. Richard Bruce
    Richard Bruce
    I'm Richard Bruce.
  14. juansierra
    juansierra Bobsturnery
    Hello Bob I want to try and make a Rising Sun Bowl for my wife, Any pointer on how make the feature ring?
    1. Bobsturnery
      Hi Juansierra, There is a very good write up in Malcolm Tibbetts book "The Art of Segmented Woodturning" on page 161. This what I used when constructing my sunrise ring. If you go with it remember to make extra segments as it is easy to mess up during construction. Good luck. Love to see a picture when you finish.
      Apr 24, 2018
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    2. juansierra
      Thanks, I found it, I have the book.
      Apr 26, 2018
  15. juansierra
    juansierra Pete M
    Hello Pete, can you help me out I like to make your beautiful Sun Rising Bowl for my wife, but I need any help that you can provide on the design and any helpful steps. We live in Arizona and that is on the State Flag.

    Thanks: Juan A. Sierra
  16. juansierra
    juansierra Lloyd Johnson
    Hello Loyd, can you or anyone help me with the Tibbett Rising Sun design bowl, I like to try it but I need help with the design ?
  17. mfisher
    mfisher Frank Hurley
    Wow. Great first.
  18. Frank Hurley
    Frank Hurley
    My first segmented bowl. made from pallet boards, got lucky and found both cherry and walnut
  19. GregoryAspig
  20. Laura Renee
    Laura Renee
    I live in central Indiana, I have worked for many years to have a nice but small wood working shop. Bowl turning is my newest venture.