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  1. Bob Beaupre
    Bob Beaupre Richard Halstead
    Richard did you get help?
    Post under your profile normally go unnoticed.
  2. Jose Ruiz Huidobro
    Jose Ruiz Huidobro bill youngblood
    Hello Bill, this is JosĂ© Ruiz Huidobro, from Lima, PerĂș. I have seen your beautiful pierced segmented vase. Do you happen to have pictures of it from different angles? How many segments does each ring have? 20? 24? Once again congratulations on such a beautiful piece.
  3. Steve Nicholson
    Steve Nicholson
    All that I am is because of the Lord and all I am not is because of ME.
  4. Richard Halstead
    Richard Halstead
    can anyone help Lloyd must be working
  5. Richard Halstead
    Richard Halstead Lloyd Johnson
    hi Lloyd can you please tell me what template you use in SketchUp please I've tried both woodworking templates I still unable to set the rectangle to the .25,.25 as in the video I followed as instructed it just will not resize thanks
  6. Richard Halstead
    Richard Halstead Lloyd Johnson
    hi, Lloyd, I've got a problem I watched the 1st video on Sketchup when you get to the point when you resize the 1st square from the rectangle you type in.25,.25 I get to that when I enter the rectangle goes away so I can't build my grid. I have the latest version of Sketchup any ideas thanks
  7. mfisher
    mfisher Chet Shorts
    Chet. The vid for the SP interface. Click on the vimeo (bottom right). It links to the vid and runs just fine. Takes you to the vimeo vid site.
    Or click on the arrow on the left. It seems to run fine for me doing either.
  8. FredGriffiths
    FredGriffiths mfisher
    Thanks for the help with the lamination process! Today I will be trying it with wood rather than on the computer. However, now I do not see the forum you mentioned having moved this thread to. I see other forums (fora) but not that one.
    Fred G
  9. mfisher
    mfisher Brewman
    what software WoodTurner Pro or Segment Pro?
    You would most likely get more response if you would start a thread in Software support for WTP or Bug report /feedback for SP.
  10. Brewman
    How can you print the ring view with all of the infromation
  11. Ernie Holzhauer
    Ernie Holzhauer Bobsturnery
    Hello Bob from sunny Florida USA! I love you basket weave bowls and have a beginners question. How did you get the angled cut on the short pieces ? I have done some similar work but the short pieces have been 90 degrees from the adjacent piece.
    1. Bobsturnery
      Hi Ernie, thanks for your comment, go to the Segmented turning forum where I explained how I constructed the basket weave rings etc.
      Jul 20, 2017
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  12. ChrisG
    I take big pieces of wood and make them smaller... what's your superpower?
  13. ChrisG
    I make big pieces of wood smaller... what's your superpower
  14. Scotty
    Maker of fine dust.
  15. Woodsmith
    Hello , When I download Lamination Pro it now needs special programs to open it. I never a problem with other Wood turner Pro programs.
  16. William Prickett
    William Prickett
    God Bless the USA
  17. William Prickett
    William Prickett
    that's pretty awesome
  18. William Prickett
    William Prickett Tom Lohman
    hello sir I'm a Bemdjian :) Absolutely love you work. :)
    1. Tom Lohman
      Tom Lohman
      Thanks William, I have not logged in and have been busy with local volunteering.
      Jun 26, 2017
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  19. vrbradley
    vrbradley Lloyd Johnson
    I seem to remember a video where you told about creating a five point star?
  20. Paul Merrills
    Paul Merrills
    Newby to woodturning love woodcarving.