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  1. Gluing jig

    At the segmented symposium in Lake Tahoe, Lloyd showed a channel gluing jig he devised for multi-generation glue ups. He also shows it in a PDF download called "radial segments" on this site. I thought it was very useful, but wanted to make it more permanent. So, I tweaked it slighty.I used a 2’ x 4’sheet of plywood, routed grooves for T channels, and attached the same 2 ¼”multi-track. The width of the gluing area can be easily changed by sliding one multi-track up or down. Various types of clamps ...

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  2. Design using Sketchup and MSWord

    I've been going through the throes of trying to develop a diamond design that works for the vessel I'm making. After reading the methods of such noteables as Nish,Tibbetts, and (of course!) Johnson, I still couldn't get it all to come out correctly. Finally, I decided to keep notes--and work from an exact scale from graph paper. Then I began cutting and milling some scrap wood. Following the graph paper drawing, and checking it regularly as I built the segment, I was able to finish with the dimensions ...
  3. Lloyd and his Software

    Lloyd I am sure all of us who use your great Programs will join me in saying you have done A VERY GOOD JOB.

    Equally I suggest everyone will benefit from your videos.

    As I live this side of the Pond I hope you are all enjoying the London Games, and the openeing ceremony.
    Best to everyone
    Malcolm Farrant
  4. Attention PRO Members: Create your OWN BLOG!

    If you are a PRO Member (someone who has purchased software from Woodturner PRO anytime in the past), you can create your own personal Blog. If you have a particular technique or tutorial, an event worth noting, a tool review, etc., create it as a Blog entry. It will automatically be stored in your personal Blog but will be searchable by others and will be categorized depending on which categories you select when you create the entry.

    If you have purchased software from us in the ...
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